Halloween Maths Eyes 2016

In Scoil Carmel we have been super busy and having great fun during Maths Week –

So much so that we decided we needed another week!

We will continue with more maths activities this week and right up to our Halloween break on Friday. Hopefully that will give us enough time ……

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1st & 2nd Classes had a great time going into different classes to play maths games like Pumpkin Doubles & Bump! And getting to know each other. The children in 2nd class know how to play these games really well and they were partnered with children in 1st class who are just learning how to play these games. They were all brilliant.

All the children were following maths trails and in Junior Infants & Senior Infants they even wore their “Maths Eyes” special glasses to show off what fantastic mathematicians they are – and it worked! They were super in the Junior Infants Quad, Ms Kilboy has put together some very tricky problems and they worked them all out. Can you work them out?

10 11

And on the long corridor the Sn Infants had more tricky problems put together by Ms Fitzmaurice, but all the children were again very well able for them and got them all right!

20 21

On the stairs Ms Puirséil & Ms Lea had put together more maths eyes puzzles to solve for children in 1st & 2nd as they were going into and coming from their classes during the week.


33 35

Everyone in Scoil Carmel has been using their maths eyes undertaking a myriad of activities in all the different subject areas all the time. Some of these can be seen on the front of school noticeboard. If you haven’t seen this yet make sure you do as soon as you can.


In Junior Infants they were learning the language of spatial relations while practising their cutting skills and making very creative structures. They were also learning about the seasons and the changing colours of the leaves. As well as all that they have been learning about patterns, 2D shapes, making pumpkin faces, witchy faces and even stripy three colour pattern tights for Old Witch Hackety! That was amazing! They also did some special colour by number pictures just for Halloween and they knew the numbers 1, 2 & 3!


In Senior Infants they also have been learning about 2D shapes and made wow pictures of snails and dogs and cats and owls and even blob monsters using these shapes. They also were busy making 3 colour Halloween patterns and using their maths eyes to identify the season and to describe the autumn leaves that they found. They made very spidery webs for their spiders using geometric circles and lines that they’d drawn themselves or some classes used wool to make the web.


1st Classes have been using symmetry to design extraordinary mirror reflections of their name written in joined up writing and they also have been talking about the seasons and made beautiful autumn trees with their maths eyes. They have also been doing spooky adding and subtracting sums and some scary ordering of numbers all the way to 20 – by themselves! They have been real busy learning new maths games and they’re so good they will be able to take these home after Halloween.

2nd Classes have been using their maths eyes to create the most amazing pictures and scarecrows using 2D shapes that they’ve cut out or drawing the shapes themselves or using lollipop sticks and sponge shapes pre-cut. They went on a spectacular maths trail at the front of the school where they were learning and practising how to use their maths eyes in predicting, estimating, measuring, counting and recording all their findings. They also found time to solve a Halloween Sudoku puzzle and to work out tangram puzzles too. And they visited children in 1st classes to help them learn their new maths games.




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Stars Of The Week

Well done to all the boys and girls who worked so hard last week and were nominated by their teachers to be Stars Of The Week! Keep up the super work everyone!


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Prents Association A.G.M.

Monday 17th Oct 2016 at 8pm

Agenda  Continue reading

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In Service closing at 2pm 18/10/16

Due to in service training all children will go home at 2pm on Tuesday October 18th


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