Our Stay At Home Music Videos

St. Patrick’s National School in Lurgybrack, Letterkenny kindly gave us permission to use a beautiful song called “Our Song Of Hope” that was written, produced and recorded by one of their teachers Mrs. Brighdin Carr and the singers from the Feis group in the school. They created their own slideshow showing all the lovely home school and fun activites the children ware engaging with while schools are closed. The song also has a very important message to it – to stay at home and do our bit to help fight the coronavirus.

They allowed us to use the beautiful song “Song Of Hope” to accompany our very own “Stay At Home” slideshows which is a great way to showcase the lovely things you are getting up to at home. As teachers we love to be able to see how you are getting on and now your friends can see what you are doing too. Maybe they will get inspired by some of the wonderful arts and crafts, baking and making, exercise and fitness activities you have been doing. It is also great to see a little bit of school work been done in between all the active learning that is going on!

Well done to everyone for doing their bit by staying at home and to all the Mums and Dads for sending on the photos. Happy watching!

This is a link to the original by St. Patrick’s N.S. In Lurgybrack and the inspiration for our own slideshows: https://www.donegallive.ie/video/news/529659/watch-fabulous-spirit-shown-as-donegal-schoolkids-get-behind-teacher-s-song-of-hope-during-covid-19-crisis.html




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Flags for Frontline workers campaign!

IPPN, INTO, NAPD, TUI and ASTI  are proposing that as a show of support for those workers and volunteers on front lines at this critical time, all children who have a flag in their county or club colours, or whatever team they follow across any code, would hang that flag from their gate posts, windows, or wherever they would normally place a flag when supporting their county club or team ahead of an important match.

IPPN, INTO, NAPD, TUI and ASTI hope that in the coming days, with your help, every road, street, lane, avenue, estate and apartment complex will be festooned with colour to honour our Heroes- our families neighbours and friends in the Frontline services.

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How We Are Being Superheros!

This is a lovely Irish made animation which explains in child friendly terms what the Coronavirus is and why we are all superheros doing our bit to fight the virus by staying at home and keeping busy!

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Important Update From Our Principal Ursula Martin

Happy Easter.
As we approach Friday and what should be our Easter holidays I want to thank you all for the work you have been doing with the children. It’s not easy for young children to work independently for any length of time. They need constant input, encouragement and reinforcement. The teachers are sending out work, suggestions, activities, useful websites etc. All of these are only guidelines.

It is important for you to realise that we understand the difficulty of covering the schoolwork while perhaps working from home yourself, minding smaller children and keeping the household going. Any work or activity you engage in with the children is invaluable for their language development, social skills and general well being. You may feel that you want to give them (and yourselves) a break during the Easter holidays. Alternatively you may find the routine of setting them a regular work time helps you during this period. Whatever works for your household is the best way to go.

Just before the closure we activated Aladdin Connect and this proving a very useful way for teachers to set work. A small number of parents – 20 out of 405 have still not registered for Aladdin Connect. Veronica will contact each of these parents this week to ensure that we have full participation.

These are very strange and unprecedented times for all of us. We are all doing our best to cope with the crises. We sincerely hope that the schools will reopen in May/June but time will tell. In the meantime the priority is to stay safe and healthy.

I wish you all as happy an Easter as we can have and hope to see you all soon.
Well done, take care, be safe.

Ursula Martin

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