Junior Infants 2018

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Our Junior Infant teachers, Mrs. Ryan (Room 5), Ms. Fitzmaurice (Room 6), Ms. Costello (Room 2) and Ms. McCarthy (Room 1) are so looking forward to meeting all of the new Junior Infants who will be starting in September!

For those parents who were unable to make our introductory meeting in May, see below for some essential information.

Uniform : Available from The Sisters (Village Green Tallaght) or any department store

  • Red jumper/ white shirt/ grey tie and grey trousers/ skirt/ pinafore
  • Tracksuit
  • Choose zips over buttons
  • Elasticated waistband and tie (no belts for boys)
  • Choose velcro over laces
  • Long hair tied up please
  • LABEL all items  (stickers best)

School bag :

  • Must be big enough to fit A4 folder
  • No wheels please
  • Label
  • No pencil case – class teacher will have all equipment needed. Keep at home for homework!

Lunchbox and Reusable Beaker :

  • Ensure that these are easily manageable. Ensure child can open and close both independently (especially beaker)
  • Practice ‘Lunch Time’ over Summer months
  • As a Green School, children must have a reusable beaker and take home all wrappers.
  • Ensure lunchbox is washed and cleared out daily

Children are expected to be competent in the following areas :

  • Toileting : wiping, flushing, washing hands and tucking in (practice)
  • Putting on and taking off coats and jumpers (focus on sleeves)
  • Hanging coat on coat rack
  • Managing lunchbox and reusable beaker

Attendance and Punctuality :

    • School begins at 9.20am and ends at 2pm – except for the first couple of weeks where the children will attend school from 9.20am – 12pm

Punctuality is essential.

  • All absences must be explained. School is obliged to report absences exceeding 20 days per year to National Education Welfare Board

Lunch :  Scoil Carmel has a Healthy Eating Policy

  • Lón beag : (‘Fruit & Veg break’) initially 10.45am – 11am
  • Lón mór : initially 12.20pm – 12.40pm
  • Give child a manageable amount (practicing using his/her lunchbox over Summer months will help you to gauge how much s/he will realistically need)
  • Suitable items : chopped apple, peeled mandarin, banana, peeled kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, raisins etc. Cucumber, peppers, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, celery, sweetcorn. Dry cereal. Sandwiches. Pasta. Crackers. Cheese.
  • No yoghurts initially please. (Frubes / small yoghurts can be introduced later on if children are able to manage competently)
  • Suitable drinks : water, fruit juice, milk – all in reusable beaker.
  • NO crisps, popcorn, nuts, biscuits, sweets or fizzy drinks
  • One small treat on Friday
  • Please ensure fruit / veg  is peeled and chopped
  • Only ‘lón beag’ needed until the children begin a full day – date to be confirmed

Communication :

  • Communicate any issues happening at home which might be affecting your child
  • Communicate if somebody different is collecting him/her
  • All class teachers available for meetings after 2.15pm – mornings are unsuitable
  • Birthday Invitations can only be distributed in the classroom if all classmates are being invited. Otherwise these must be distributed outside school.

Day one … September 3rd 2018

  • Get up nice and early, make it a pleasant, relaxed experience
  • Be on time (early if possible – child might feel more relaxed if s/he finds friends in yard)
  • NB : Register in PE hall first and then come to classroom
  • Allow child to choose his/her seat
  • Play only with the activities placed on each table
  • Once child is distracted … LEAVE!
  • If child is upset, be calm, relaxed, matter of fact and reassuring. All will settle eventually.
  • No anxious / upset parents please! No waving in windows as this can unsettle.
  • Collect at 12pm – say child’s name at door.

Preparing over Summer months

  • Make the break – leave child with relatives, friends, neighbours for short periods of time
  • Break attachment to soother / comfort blanket
  • Practice toileting, dressing and using lunchbox and beaker
  • Nursery rhymes / Counting songs CD
  • Bedtime stories … encourage careful listening and ask Who? What? When? Where? Why? questions
  • Drawing, colouring in (encourage careful pencil control and trying to stay ‘inside the lines’)
  • Discourage writing. Lots of preparatory work to be done before begining to write.
  • Basic movements : running, hopping, skipping, jumping, balancing, throwing and catching a ball
  • Socialisation – encourage child to play with peers, take turns, share etc. Allow him/her to experience losing a game.
  • Share positive experiences and stories about your time in school