Web Safety

computerThe internet has become part of our everyday lives. It is a powerful resource but it can also be a dangerous place. When a young child wants to cross the road, we hold their hand and teach them how to cross safely. In the same way, we need to teach our children how to be safe when surfing the web. Here is some information to help protect your child.

At Scoil Carmel we recommend that parents/guardians supervise their child’s use of the internet at all times. This website contains links to external websites. Before a link is posted on the website, the teacher reviews the website to ensure it is safe for children to use. However, as we do not have control over external websites, we cannot verify their contents entirely as some websites change on a daily basis.

Parents are encouraged to log onto the website: http://www.webwise.ie/ to access information on keeping your child safe online. Here is a video from the website which may be of some use to parents/guardians